Female Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but as your hair type and facial profile is also unique, you’ll suit certain styles better than others.
Having done locs for people for over 10 years, I’ve put together a selection of the most popular ways to have new dreads done, so you'll have a little more of an idea when it comes to choosing what direction you can take in your own dreadlock journey.
How to make dreadlocks work for you... pick from 20 different styles to find what suits you best.
locs with bangs

Partial dreads hairstyles come in a range of varieties. Keeping a blunt fringe is one option you can go with if you’re not wanting a full set of new dreadlocks.

dreadlock beads

Beads are the most popular dreadlock accessories people go for when it comes to adorning their locs. Here we have dreads with beads that are on the chunky side as our client has a good amount of medium size dreadlocks.

bleached dreads dyed dreadlocks

Another way to mix up dreadlock hairstyles is by having bleached or dyed dreadlocks. Have your hair coloured before I loc it or alternatively, you can color dreads after they are made. In this photo my client had bleached hair and decided to colour the lower half of her dreads. You can also have a half and half style, with your normal hair colour and then bleaching the lengths or even just the dread tips to give blonde or ashy highlights. Bleached hair tends to loc easier as dry hair dreads better than silky hair.

boho locs bohemian locs

Boho or bohemian locs is a hairstyle in line with the boho-chic fashion that draws on bohemian and hippie influences. Initially, my client had me put in partial dreads underneath a retained fringe. As she refined the look she was after we added dreadlock extensions in a colour slightly off her natural one, then added some dreadlock wraps and adornments to complete the look.

faux locs blue dreadlocks

Among the vast number of colour styles for dreads, my client opted with denim blue. After dreading hair I added faux locs for extra length. If you’re prefer not to colour your hair you can some vibe to your look by having coloured extensions added.

dreadhawk hair, dreadhawk styles

A dreadhawk hairstyle or mohawk dreads is a style which most commonly involves shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of dreadlocks in the centre. Partial dreads for females are often popular because they require less dreadlocks maintenance than a full set of dreads. My client chose to get dread extensions here as her hair was short and she wanted the two colour style.

short dreads, partial dreads

Having short dreads and some retained fringe my client wanted a more subtle look. Pulling in the short dreads and pinning them in a slightly disheveled manner created what I call the dreadlock nest.

Half dreads, half head of dreads

This half head of dreads, half shaved look is another unique dreadlock style. A benefit of half dreads is they become easier to tie up, which is great if you have loads of locs with plenty of length.

Red dreads, dyed dreadlocks pictures

Teenage dreads often suit the extra flair of colouring/dying. Here we have the two toned dread lock effect of pink and purple. Two shades of a similar colour work well. Sea green mermaid, Blue lagoon, Fire flame…what blend will you choose?

Half dreads, Partial dreadlocks

Partial dreadlocks can add a softer, more feminine look than full locs. Another benefit to having half dreads is that if you want to look professional - dreadlocks can be hidden under a headband so only your normal hair is exposed. That way you can have locs and still work in conservative workplaces.