Dreadlocks in Sydney

Our dreadlock service is for anyone who has unlocked hair and is wanting to journey into the world of dreadlocks. If this is you, it has almost certainly been on your mind for a while! Once your hair is locked you may find yourself adorning this style for years to come.

Whether it's thick and curly, or fine and straight, we can dread it! We use the technique which best suits your hair, typically this will be backcombing and then crocheting your hair until it’s super tight.

Most importantly, we do organic dreadlocks, without the use of toxic or odorous chemicals. If you're wondering how much do dreads cost, you'll find our dreadlocks price list further down this page.


Unfortunately, dreading hair with perm solution or vats of wax is the only technique some people have learned when it comes to making dreadlocks. Another reason these inferior methods are used is because they are less labour intensive. Dreading with a crochet tool is hard work!

Consider the experience of a client who came to us with his dreads almost fully unravelled, less than a month after having them done. A salon had taken the one size fits all approach and waxed his hair, before leaving him to sit about drying them under a heater. This can work fine for African hair but is usually disastrous for caucasian hair as he found out.

Wax can be useful on well matured dreads whose ends are becoming brittle but it should be absolutely avoided on new dreads, as it often undoes the dread and leaves your hair feeling greasy and gross.

Considering dreds are quite a permanent style, its recommended to put some thought into which loctician you go with. The following links contain reasons why you should get your dreads done professionally and outline the extensive experience we have at Dreadlocks Sydney.


Q: How long does it take for a full head of dreads?

A full set of new dreadlocks can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. Please text or email us with clear photos of your hair down and from the back, so we can reply with an estimate. It depends on the length and thickness of your hair, as well as the number of dreadlocks you would like. As an indication:

15cm to 35cm 2 to 4 hours

35cm and longer 3 to 6 hours

How to get dreadlocks

How to get dreadlocks
Dreadlocks Sydney

1. Book an appointment or phone/text/email to discuss what you’d like to have done.

2. Avoid using any conditioners, gels or products that leave residue in your hair. The drier your hair the faster it is to dread your hair and the stronger your locs.

3. While I dreadlock your hair I will run through with you how to care for your dreads, use techniques to avoid shrinkage and advise which products suit your hair type and will help your locs mature (which I stock).

4. Give your dreads time to settle in, put in a little bit of time into them each day or week and relax when they go through stages of being unruly on the way to maturing.

Before Dreadlocks
Pre Locs
Before Dreadlocks
Avoid using conditioner before locking. Drier the better!
Settled Locs
Dreads take a few days to settle

Dreadlocks Sydney Price

How much do dreadlocks cost?
Once you've decided to get dreads you'll want to know how much does dreadlocks cost. Due to rent and other overheads, salons typically charge anywhere from $600 to $1500. Depending on how experienced they are and whether they specialise in dreads or do them occasionally it can take them up to 10 hours (leaving you with one sore bottom!)

Having been a hairdresser for 15 years and then specialising solely in dreadlocks for the last 10 years, a typical client takes me between 3 - 4 hours. The cost to you is $350 for the first three hours and $90 per hour thereafter, should a session go over the three hour mark (minimum charge of $350).

Between dreadlocking much faster (due to my experience) and my lower rate, my service can be up to a third of the cost you can expect to pay at a salon for a professional service.

I also offer a package rate of $500 which covers any length of hair, 2 dreadlocking products, 2 threads (decorative dreads) and beads. This option has to be selected before the dreadlocking process begins. * Only applies for shoulder length hair or shorter & medium thickness dreads.

Dreadlocks Price

Full Set /Half Set/ Underside/Dreadhawk---------------------------------------------- from $350 (3 hours or less / $90 per hour beyond)

Dreadlocks Cost (Package Deal) ------------------ $500 (full set, 2 products, 2 wraps, 2 beads)

Single Dreads --------------------------------------------- $20 per dread

Dreadlock Threads --------------------------------------------- from $15

Dreadlock Wraps --------------------------------------------- $25 - $45 depending on length

* I work out of my home but also offer a mobile dreadlocking service. This involves a travel fee of $100 for travel up to 120 kms. For 120+ kms, contact me for a travel cost estimate.


Dreadlocks done professionally
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