Dread Mohawk

Ragnar Lothbrok Dreads
Viking Dreadhawk
Ragnar Lothbrok Dreads
Mohawk Dreads
What is commonly known as a dreadhawk (a mohawk that is made entirely out of dreadlocks) arguably was inspired by the Vikings.
They were known to braid their hair in a style similar to dreads and adorned them with jewellery. Just as a dread hawk is characterised by shaved sides, Vikings did this to highlight their tattoos which represented victory in battles. 
History of the Mohawk
The mohawk is an ancient hairstyle. Not long ago, a 2300 year old body was excavated near Dublin with a mohawk held in place from pine resin.

Most of us associate it with a Native-American tribe or perhaps 70s’ punk movement.

Mohawks symbolise that the wearer is a free spirit or a rebel who stands against mindlessly imposed rules or outdated traditions.

Dreadlocks have always carried the same message, albeit in a more peaceful way thanks to the influence of Bob Marley. In his song, Rastaman live up! Marley said:

Grow your dreadlock

Don't be afraid of the wolf-pack!

Put Mohawks and Dreadlocks together and you make for peaceful warriors.
By shaving your hair into a mohawk and then styling the remaining hair into dreads, it makes for an easy style to maintain.

With full dreadlocks you can find the side locs dangle onto your face, which a dread mohawk avoids.

Dreadhawk Extension

You could say a dreadhawk tends to be a shorter style than say a full dreadlock mohawk.
In this case, my client has opted for some dread extensions to give her the full mohawk dreads look, while retaining sideburns for a softer style.

Having a fade cut rather than a shaved scalp also makes for a less raw look.

Mohawk dreads pictures
Mohawk dreads pictures
A fade cut done in mohawk fashion
Mohawk dreads female
Dreadlocks Extension
Mohawk dreads female
Dreads and dreadlock extentions
Mohawk dreads
Mohawk dreads
Sideburns for a less raw look
Dreadlock mohawk for ladies
Dread joy
Dreadlock mohawk for ladies
New dreads bliss
Dreadhawk Extension


This video shows how a short amount of hair can make for a loc mohawk with dreadlocks extensions.
You can also take a look at our Youtube channel for other dreadlock hairstyles and tips.

Viking Dreadlocks

With beards being so in fashion, a dreaded mohawk that is styled back is a great choice for people who find that full dreadlocks can be a bit unruly or just too much hair.

By adding an undercut to dreads you can achieve the viking look with a dreadhawk that requires less effort than a full head.

African hair takes a lot of time to gain length, making a frohawk a great option.

Wearing dread locks loose offers one style, while gelling them back or tying them back makes for a different look.