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Dreadlocks Course

Loctician Training - Find Freedom, Fun & Flexibility

Can you earn money doing dreadlocks?

This is something I asked myself many years ago when I was a hairdresser working in a salon. My boyfriend had dreadlocks and I regularly maintained them for him.

Through my interest in reggae, I met many people in the dreadlock community and related to their different slant on life & the sense of freedom they radiated. I wondered if I could utilise my experience in hairdressing to start a dread business.

From doing the odd client in my salon I gained more experience, then specialised in dreads before creating my own business as a loctican.

I’ve never looked back. Speak to other dreadlock artists and I’m sure you’ll hear them endorse the lifestyle change too.

If you enjoy meeting interesting people, like doing work that leaves someone with a smile & you prefer a job that doesn’t feel like work but is very practical compared to staring at a computer screen, then becoming a loctician may be the career for you.

As Jim Rohn once said, “If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
Dreadlock Apprentice Training Program
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” - Annie Dillard
Since learning how to do natural dreadlocks for people I’ve found a way to do something I love, connect with fascinating people, travel, become financially independent and lead a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle. My only regret is not becoming a loctician earlier in my career.

Natural Dreadlock Course

After being disillusioned with the hairdressing style of the chemical method to dreadlock I moved into the crochet method and never looked back. I still love working as a dread artist but as I’m entering that age where satisfaction comes from passing on one’s knowledge, I feel excited to help empower others to become dreadlock artists.

Are you hearing the call to become a Dreadlock Apprentice?

Dreadlock Training Course Australia

Dreadlock Classes
Delivering comprehensive dreadlock training and all the elements of starting a new business cannot be done effectively in just 2 days.

Loctician School

Our dread lock course is broken up into two separate training programs, which each run for two days.

Not only do we learn better when breaking up the amount of time spent training but the other major benefit of the structure our dreadlock school offers is that after taking in the concepts you learn from Level 1 training you can go away and try them out. When you feel ready to grow further as a loctician you can then return for our Level 2 course.

Master Loctician Certification

Level 1 Master loctician certification - 2 Day program focusing on creating and maintaining dreadlocks as well as forming and marketing your dreadlock business.

Level 2 Master loctician certification - 2 Day program focusing on creating extensions, extending dreads, repairing locs as well as advanced marketing and managing business elements.

Course Feedback

"I did the 2 day Level 1 Dreadlocks Course with Ginny and my experience was sensational! Ginny is so lovely, welcoming, easy to talk with and is an excellent teacher! She is full of encouragement and her years of deadlocking makes her experienced and knowledgeable, which is exactly what you want when you are doing a course to learn a new skill! I loved hanging with her and sponging all I could from her. Equally valuable was the expertise this course gave me in the business and digital marketing side of things, which will help so much when setting up my own deadlocking business. I can't recommend Dreadlocks Sydney enough, to anyone that wants to delve into the world of dreads and become a loctician. Ginny will guide you to exactly where you want to go, and send you on your way with all the love and light she can muster! - Kathleen

"I recently completed my Dreadlock course and I cannot express how happy I am to be on my way to fulfilling my new career! Ginny is such a beautiful soul who is passionate about her work and extremely thorough teaching her loc course. Such a bonus to get such a good run down regarding starting & growing a business, which filled me with confidence and the knowledge I need, I can’t thank Dreadlocks Sydney enough! I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn this awesome trade!" - Megan

"I just finished my 1st level dreadlock locitician course today with Ginny from Dreadlocks Sydney and it was nothing short of amazing." - Glenn

"I completed my Loctician Certification with Dreadlocks Sydney recently and I am so glad that I did. The training went well beyond what I was expecting to learn! Ginny is truly a wonderful person with an intimate knowledge of hair and dreadlocks, an absolute professional and her skills and artistry are priceless. Thank you Ginny and Dreadlocks Sydney for getting me onto my dreadlock journey, which is to now facilitate other people with theirs" - Dan

"Ginny was very welcoming from the start and made me feel at home. She covered everything from forming dreads, maintenance and business advice on how to set up my own dreadlock venture."

Dreadlock Course

I cannot recommend this course enough as it was a wonderful couple of days and I’m sad It’s over. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me on this journey! ~ Simone C

Dreadlocks Training Courses

I had dreadlock training with Ginny and it was amazing I learnt so much and had a great time, I would highly recommend doing the course or getting your dreads done by her!

Dreadlock Course Sydney

Here are some details about becoming a loctician and learning how to make dreadlocks professionally through our training course. The following course content relates to our two day Level 1 Master Loctician Certification.

Understanding Various Hair Types
Understanding Various Hair Types
Hair types vary dramatically from culture to culture. Understanding the different types allows you to advise clients on the most suitable style of dreadlock for their type as well as help you adopt techniques that will create great looking dreads.
Loc Stages & The Maturity Process For Dreads
Loc Stages & The Maturity Process For Dreads
Understanding the stages that locs go through on the way to maturity will help you to guide your clients along their dreadlock journey and assist you with maintain dreads. This module builds on understanding hair types to manage expectations.
Sectioning Dreadlocks - The Popular Styles
Sectioning Dreadlocks - The Popular Styles
Learning the numerous sectioning styles available to dredlocks allows you to offer a more personalised service. Building on your knowledge of hair, you can create dreads that will sit with a clients natural parting and suit their face shape.
Natural Dreadlocks - Without Chemicals or Products
Natural Dreadlocks - Without Chemicals or Products
You will learn how to make natural dreadlocks without having to use chemicals, wax or other products. Mastering the art of backcombing and crocheting you'll be able to create organic dreadlocks that don't leave behind any residue or damage the hair.
Dreadlock Maintenance - Keeping Them Fab
Dreadlock Maintenance - Keeping Them Fab
Learning how to create great looking dreddies is just the first step. We'll also cover the ins and outs of maintaining dreads as you accompany your clients through their maturity process. Tightening roots, sewing in loose hair, tidying up lumps and bumps... it's all covered in this dreadlock class.
Dreadlock Aftercare & Self-Care
Dreadlock Aftercare & Self-Care
With dreds taking time to fully lock you'll want to give your clients all the important information to look after their new locs and employ techniques such as palm rolling and separating dreads. We'll also cover the topic of self-care to ensure you stay in tip top shape as your dreadlocking business grows.
Dreadlock Products - Working With Them & Recommending
Dreadlock Products - Working With Them & Recommending
Our dreadlock training will teach you how to make natural dreads. Just as you'll learn that hair types are unique, so too are peoples responses to having locs. Some people will benefit from a dreadlock shampoo that counters dandruff. Others will want adornments like dread beads or loc socs. We cover the range of dread products and how they can assist your clients.
Offering A Professional Dreadlocks Service
Offering A Professional Dreadlocks Service
There are many aspects to providing clients with a professional dreadlocks service. We'll take you from initial contact and enquiries, through to the common questions people ask, how to stay in touch with your customers through social media channels and much more. Learning the hands on techniques for doing dreads is just the first step in becoming a sought after loctician.
Dreadlock Business Development
Dreadlock Business Development
It takes time and effort for any business to grow and succeed. We'll look at what is involved in starting a dreadlock business such as your branding and areas of specialisation. We go through all the day to day operations before moving into building your venture through effective marketing, client relations and finding opportunities. Having learned this personally, we have much to offer.

Dreadlock Classes

How To Do Dreadlocks Yourself

The 3 Fundamentals Of Our Time Together
Gaining Dreadlock Knowledge

Learning Gaining Dreadlock Knowledge

Making Theory Real

Hands On Making Theory Real

Find Dreadlock Community

Connection Find Dreadlock Community

Dreadlock School Training Location

Loctician Classes In The Beautiful Blue Mountains

Loctician Classes In The Beautiful Blue Mountains

I hold both two day master loctican certification trainings at my home in the Blue Mountains. The course is split between sessions in my yurt and sessions in my training room, which has a cosy log fire for the winter months.

There is a deck to sit on, a labyrinth to explore, covered areas and other nooks to enjoy the bushland views and array of birdlife.

Located in Katoomba, the hub of the Blue Mountains, I’m able to collect those travelling by public transport from the nearby train station.

Accomodation & Meals

You’ll be provided with accomodation for the Saturday night (or a weeknight when the course is run during the week).

The first two participants to book in get to sleep in the yurt, which many guests remark on providing them with one of the most restful sleeps they’ve had. Other participants are given accomodation within the main house.

Lunch on both days is provided as well as dinner on the Saturday night so you needn’t worry about having to sort out meals. Breakfast on Sunday morning often involves having a French crepe maker come and cook for us. Meals are vegetarian.

Being so close to the tourist Mecca that the Blue Mountains is, you also have the option of heading out to one of the restaurants or cafes close by.

*Note that unlike the industry of hairdressing, there is no official regulatory body in Australia (like most countries) for dreadlocking. The course we provide is offered on the understanding that this is a private training program.

#Once two participants book their place a date will be set for the course (either a weekend or two consecutive weekdays) which suits those attending. The course will remain open to other participants joining but no more than 5 spots will be available in total to ensure the training is personalised.

Training For Dreadlocks Cost

The investment for each of the 2 day Master loctician certification programs we offer is $1400.

For those who have attended the Level 1 training there is a $300 discount on the Level 2 course.

What you will receive:

~Professional dreadlock training by a qualified hairdresser and experienced locitician.

~Business development and marketing skills to help you establish a successful dreadlock business.

~ Training manuals

~A starter kit of dreadlock tools which you can use to operate your dreddie business.

~Accomodation at our tranquil Blue Mountains abode

~Meals over the 2 day program

~Access to a private Facebook group where you can find support and marketing assistance

~An opportunity after the course to accompany Ginny at a dreadlock appointment to get more hands on experience and live training

~A memorable couple of day full of connection with fellow loc lovers

Dreadlock Training Course

Why take part in our Dreadlock Apprentice program?

It’s hard to find an in-person dreadlock course in Australia.

You can choose whether you'd like to take part in group loctician classes or just work one on one with my during your dreadlock training.

While I offer an online dreadlock course, for those who are experiential learners you'll probably prefer learning onsite with direct feedback.

We are Sydney’s only dreadlock school and the only course delivered by a qualified hairdresser and experienced loctician.

Online Dreadlock Training

Dreadlock Course Online

Dreadlock Course Online

My online loctician courses mean that you can now learn how to do dreadlocks from anywhere in the world. Both my level 1 program and level 2 program (loc extension classes etc) are offered via zoom. Starting a dreadlock business has never been easier!

Book Your Place

Level 1 Master Loctician Certification

Level 1 Master Loctician Certification

September 1st 10am - 5pm September 2nd 10am - 5pm *You're welcome to do this group course or if you prefer, it can be done with me as a one-on-one program for the same price.

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