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These range of images showing dreadlocks before and after gives you an idea of how distinctive hair can look with organic dreadlocks.

Full Head - Female

female dreadlocks

Awesome team amazing work! Thank you so much Laughing

Natural dreadlocks can be styled any way you like. In this case, our client has opted to retain her fringe, leading to a softer look.

fringe dreadlocks

Totally Recommend! Not only are Ginny's prices great, but the quality of her dreads are amazing! + She is awesome to talk to whilst sitting there getting your locks done too! Very happy customer!

Full Head - Male (Thin, medium and thick dreads)

When it comes to choosing the thickness of your dreadlock you can either go with your hairs natural preference, or your own.

thick dreads men

If you're after sweet dreads, Ginny will deliver at a sweet price Wink

thin dreads male

Dreads for young people

There's no age restriction when it comes to getting dreads. Our youngest client was just 11.

teenager dreadlocks

teens dreads

My dreads are going so well thanks so much!

Highly recommend Ginny + Assistant... loving my bro's dreads, thanking you, looks awesome... Aroha!

Dread Extensions

Dreadlock extensions are an easy way to lengthen your hair without having to wait years for your dreads to grow. For more information about dreadlock extensions, take a look at our services section.

 dreadlock extension male

blonde extensions

Colouring and Single Dreads

It's easy to maintain another hair colour and still have dread locks - just one more benefit to having an experienced hair stylist working on your dreads! Here we have our clients natural brown hair coming through at the roots, while her dreadlocks are blonde. After giving the dreads some much needed maintenance and then dying the hair, they are good as new.

dyed colored dreadlocks

Some of our clients start off with just a couple of dredlocks to see how they like them. In this next case, our client has gone with a couple of dreads and a wrap to give her a change of style and a dash of colour, proving that dreads don't have to be an all or nothing hairstyle.

partial dreadlock single dreadlock

If you're a bit worried of what the boss might think of you getting dreadlocks, you can either get professional looking dreadlocks or simply just have dreads underneath your hair in this work-by-day, party-by-night style.

partial dreadlocks

Dreadlock Maintenance

Having the sectioning of your hair kept neat and tidy ensures that dreads won't matt into each other and it keeps your dreadlocks looking presentable. Typically, dreads take time to really mature. We recommend a dread maintenance session 8-12 weeks after you have them done and then every 3-4 months until they are really mature. Here is an example of how dreads can get a little messy and how fab they come up after we have maintained them. 

dreadlock maintanence

After having my dreads done they soon entered the frizzing stage. Ginny did a great job making them dense and tightened up. It was a pleasure talking with her and I found her experience with dreadlocks showed through her workmanship. Her advice on working with my hair type was excellent. Ginny was able to work around my schedule and I would highly recommend her for any dread maintenance!

Adorning Your Dreads

With a range of accessories such as wooden or glass beads, wraps and other decorations, we can infuse some creative flair into your dreadlocks. Here our client has chosen an Autumn theme with a mix of coloured (dyed) dreads, a wrap & some beads.

dreadlock beads wrap adornment

Partial dreadlocks

In these next examples our clients have gone for a softer look, with an equal mixture of natural hair and dreadlocks infused with wraps and beads.

partial dreadlocks single dreads

Thank you so much! So happy with the result Laughing

soft dreadlocks 

We also make funky dreadlock extensions which we can sew into your hair. Ultimately, the style you adopt is limited only by your imagination.

dreadlock hair wrap

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